In Today’s World,

Kids need more than just Books.

With the paradigm shift in industry focus and growing tech landscape,
the essential skills crucial to one's development are:

Problem Solving Skills

Knowledge application is crucial in remaining viable in the today's competitive market

Computer Literacy

Computer literacy skills keeps you relevant and updated in today's technology-centric world

Play Exploration

Play in children has been associated with a stronger ability to solve divergent problems

At The Exploration Lab,

We strive to bring exciting products to both kids and adults.

Using a STEM-based teaching approach, our materials range from
the basic understanding of computer programming,
to the real world knowledge and application of IoT technology
into the smart devices around us.

Our Products

Interested to build moving blocks yourself? Check out our products!

Techno Black Hawk

Build your very own helicopter, or protect the skies with a mobile missile launcher! Flight School not provided.

Dimmer, sound, light sensors and a motor included to make protecting your base easier!

Techno Speedy Racer

Burn rubber along the motorways with 3 different race car models! Bring along a crash helmet!

Dimmer, sound & light sensors and a motor is included so your creations can speed away!

Techno Galactic Explorer

Put on your spacesuit & prepare for a lifetime space adventure! Build 3 different space exploration vehicles, where the sky's no longer the limit!

Dimmer modules & a motor is included to take you to space and back.

Techno Super Rider

Build 3 different type of motorcycles and take it for a cruise by the coast! Helmets not included.

Dimmer, sound sensors and a motor is included for that relaxing cruise by the coast.

Our Partners

Interested in building an exciting STEM education for kids?

We are looking for like-minded educators to join us in our journey.

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The Exploration Lab is a local startup company providing educational services for children and adults. We aim to prepare students for the upcoming shift in industry needs through helping them develop their STEM skills.

Join us in our journey for a wholesome learning experience!

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